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Miss fire

Hi All , I was just out for a run and found the bike started to misfire . The engine got to certain revs and then loss of power . I had a look at it and cleaned and changed the carb , no solution .When on the stand it starts fine but when I throttle up the exhaust emits black smoke and miss fire , when I add choke problem goes away . Any ideas would be appreciated ! I’ll try checking the timing next .

Re: Miss fire

So it emits black smoke when running which means it is running very rich and when you use the choke which will make it run even more rich the black smoke goes away? That makes no sense at all?

Are you sure you are using the choke correctly? My brother one time rode my 1958 Triumph TR6 and said it would not run correctly unless he turned the choke on and thought the main jet was plugged as he assumed with the choke lever pushed forward, it would turn the choke off. No realizing the lever forward turned the choke on. Once he moved the lever back the bike ran perfect.

Re: Miss fire

Hi Bruce , it does make sense when you add me being a bit of a numpty and did what your brother did with getting the choke being on / off wrong ! Never done that before !
I Must remember you turn it off when pulling the lever on !
Anyway off out tonight to do a bit of maintenance and a test run , so no running it rich with the choke on ! Thanks for the reply .

Re: Miss fire

See you at the Honey Pot at the weekend Phil. I'll check your choke lever every day for you. You're not the first by a long chalk. Ron

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Re: Miss fire

Cheers Ron , that makes me feel a lot better, and knowing you’ll keep an eye on the choke lever 👍. See you at the weekend, the weathers looking good 🤞 .Phil.

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