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WM20 Frame disassembly

Is there a recommended method to separate the front and rear sections of the frame? I've removed the bolt beneath the seat that connects the rear and front frame sections at the top, but cannot see how to remove the lower stays that the gearbox mounting plates are attached to.

The frame is a 1943 WM20. I cannot find a parts diagram for the M20 rigid girderfork frame.


Re: WM20 Frame disassembly

I have marked the four fasteners that need to be removed.
The top bolt you have already removed and there are three studs (threaded both ends) that hold the front and rear frame section and engine and gearbox plates in position.
The three spacers used on the stud at the rear of the gearbox plate are different lengths - just take note of what goes where before removing the stud.

Re: WM20 Frame disassembly

Thanks Ray

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