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250cc Rudge

Hi folks,
Is there any information or pics on the 12 1939 250cc Rudges that were made for evaluation by the (I guess) MOD?

Re: 250cc Rudge

O&M quote those as being delivered in Oct 1938 with frames 64533-64544 and serial numbers C3810114-C3810125. Ron


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Re: 250cc Rudge

One of those Rudges still exists, I have seen it once at the Stafford show.

Will send you a picture of the other side Ron.



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Re: 250cc Rudge

Here is the other side of the factory picture. Ron


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Re: 250cc Rudge

Thank you both.
I find the modifications from the the standard 250 range of this year interesting, a Lucas Magdyno driven from the RH side of the engine and what looks to be an all new primary case.

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