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A few questions

Hi all

The rear pillion pegs on my wm20 how were they originally held upright or do they always lie in the flat position?

Did all wm20s have the cylinder head stay/steady bar mine doesnt seem to have one.

What thread is the "drain bolt"(28-0243) under the left hand side crankcase, drags has no stock.


Re: A few questions


There is nothing that keeps the footsteps upright. What you can do is fasten them tighter so they clamp in the mount.

At the left side you can keep it opright with the fieldstand.

All m20 do have a head steady

The thread for the drainplug is 5/16 BSW


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Re: A few questions

Thanks alot Nick

Re: A few questions

To add to Nicks. There is usually a thin washers beside the footrest between the lugs, which acts as a friction when you tighten the bolt. Ron

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