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My M20 restoration upto now

Hi all

Had the past week off work so finally managed to start assembling all the parts, nowhere near finished but i got giddy and put all the big parts in place to get an idea what it is going to look like. I repainted everything in ral6014 then topcoated with a matt finish its turned out just how i want it.

Bike was bought by my dad in 1975(he repainted it in black and chromed everything as he said was the style at the time) then laid up a year later when my eldest sister was born. The bike sat in the back room until 2007 when we pulled it apart as a father/son project(me being 16 at the time) so not really knowing how everything should go back together.

The bike never went back together due to my dads sudden lack of interest and sat in a damp shed until 2015 when i gave my dad a small donation to relieve him of the parts. I started the resto in november and i hope to have it all done for easter time but we will see.

Thanks for all your great help and experience upto this point but im far from done mithering haha. PS if i have missed something or anythings obviously wrong please point it out.


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Re: My M20 restoration upto now

You've done a great job so far!
Could you send me an email please? Want to tell you something off forum... 😊

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