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Another Norton WD16H?

Hello one and all,

Happy new year to all forum members!

Have just visited a friend to have a look at his Norton with engine number “W 3138” and frame number “W 38186” (I’m not quite sure about the second “8”).

Can you please verify that the engine is from contract c.5109 and frame is from contract v.7353?

I took some pictures but I cannot upload at the moment!

Kind regards,


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Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Hi Kostas. From O&M I would concur with your findings. Ron

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Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Hello Kostas,

According to my calculations, W3138 would have been C4104695 and despatched 24/11/1939. I'd expect there to be an M^74 inspection stamp and a WO serial on the front of the timing side crankcase..Possibly on the front mounting lug though...

Feel free to mail me the photos to post.

Best Wishes.

Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Thank you for your reply!

There’s only a “E 1465” stamp that looks weird…

Pictures sent to your email.

Many thanks,


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Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Here are the photos.




Looking at the carrier etc., this can't be a Greek campaign bike, but more likely a rebuild that came up through Italy etc.

Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Clear picture of the engine number shows it not to be applied by Norton.
The crankcase has no 79 x 100 marking as well so likely has been an unnumbered spare crankcase.
Framenumber a bit dodgy as it appears to be on a flattened surface. Better picture required of a cleaned up area to have more certainty.

Whatever the numbers, it is an ex military 16H but need loads of TLC before it is on the road again.



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