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Side damper star washer

Hi all
I was looking at the star washer earlier today on my early m20 - it’s compressed by a large nut - which is correct - not by a steering damper knob like later models

When the nut is tightened against the star washer - the back of the nut just catches the inner of the star washer - almost going through the hole in the centre

I have checked K series - early W series - these having nuts instead of damper knobs versus later production but the part is consistent through our production

It’s almost as if I am missing a large od washer to go between the damper nut & star washer / nothing listed I can see
Although there is no difference in part number I wonder if there was a damper spring super session of some kind

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Re: Side damper star washer

Hi John

I have a large early nut but I have never gotten around to using it.

The large nut used on the early M20s should go right through the star damper just as it does on the bakerlite and metal knobs, then there is a tagged washer and spring inside that, also smaller than the hole in the star.

I do have a reduced length centre nut but I haven't worked out if someone had cut a standard one down or if it has another use?



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Re: Side damper star washer

Hi rob
In the shop today - I see the back of the nut is a fraction away from the star washer so I guess all is ok - I had thought it would bind
Will send you a photo as I can’t post
Thanks for your photos

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