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Norton Motor-Cycle Solo maintenance Manuals.

Was looking at these manuals and expected the later one to have more pages than the earlier one,BSA-Triumph-Matchless & Ariel manuals do all have more pages with additional information in the later editions,not dated they have panniers and pillion seat fitted,canvas throttle grips shown inside both so must date from 1942-43,could there be a later one 101/NC.3.B as there are no late war time lighting diagrams in these two,where as the others have them,no mention of air cleaners either late Ariel shows vokes.

below,101 NC.3. has lubrication chart over two pages.

below,101 NC.3.A has lubrication chart on one page only,a wartime paper saving measure?

below,101 NC.3. has tool kit items over two pages.

below,101 NC.3.A has tool kit items on one page,there are extra items also no7 soft wire,15&16 tyre pressure gauge and leather case,34 dynamo spanner.

Re: Norton Motor-Cycle Solo maintenance Manuals.

Most interesting observations, Steve. I've never seen the non-A suffix NC3. The Norton literature generally is thoroughly confusing.

The IWM has a "complete" B-Vehicle literature catalogue, but it too poses more questions than answers. Clearly compiled after the event, it is full of inconsistencies.

The first WD16H Maintenance & Instruction Manual with an official code number was a small black booklet numbered 101/NC.1. Initially with a gold-blocked fabric cover, later examples were red print on black card. The contents don't seem to have changed and there is no toolkit diagram or list. There were also un-numbered Riders Handbooks produced in this format and then later 100/NC3A Drivers handbooks.

The NC2 books related to the SWD Big 4

Driver's Handbook 100/NC.A3 also includes a toolkit list, the drawing including the soft iron wire. It's interesting that the 3A drawing no longer includes a spare sparking plug. I wonder if this reflected the change from a Mica KS5 to the perhaps more reliable Corundite M80 plug ? One thing that is clear from later surviving NOS plugs is that they were being packaged in card boxes rather than tins but perhaps the drawing had not been updated for some time ?


The B Vehicle lists at the IWM show the supersession of literature and even up to S5161 simply show the the manufacturer's Instruction Manual (in this case S5161-38-2) as the inital pubication. In Norton's case, this was the pre-war Instruction Manual...but I've never seen a WD stamped example later than C10217/28/2 which would have dated from mid-1941.

It may be that all these red books were supersession lists and not supplied originally. The first later contract in sequence where /3 was supplied was C14274 and the first time /3A was supplied without previously showing /3 was S5161. C14274 was a contract for 50 lightweight 16H Demanded April 1942 ! S5161 had a first demand in November 1943.


Re: Norton Motor-Cycle Solo maintenance Manuals.

There are 2 versions of the red book but with identical identification. (Air publication No 1726 Vol I, Part II Book No. 101/NC.3.A.)

The first version is basically the standard up to late 1944. The second version is almost identical but describes most likely the changes for S5161.
It refers to the late, simplified, lighting system with the push button in the instrument panel and the switch under the saddle.

There are no references to Aircleaners in either version.

Air publication would be more like an RAF thing but the 101/NC codes are more like REME. Not sure who was in charge here.
The NC code is identical to the codes used in the VAOS listings for Norton parts so REME appears most likely.

The size of the red books clearly indicates it is not to be used by the MC rider themselfs, only by workshops or company Fitter.



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Re: Norton Motor-Cycle Solo maintenance Manuals.

More likley to be R.A.O.C., I think. The "NC" code was in use for spare parts under the VAOS system and they were responsible for supplying vehicles, parts and literature.

The RAF codes appeared after The Ministry of Supply took over joint purchasing for the War Office and The Air Ministry. They presumably insisted on shared publications.

Re: Norton Motor-Cycle Solo maintenance Manuals.

Thanks Rik & Rob, that explains why I've never seen any later maintenance manuals above 101/NC.3.A. + riders handbooks above 100/NC.3.A.

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