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Newark winter show - Morton’s event

Has anyone ever attended the Newark winter show - normally early January

It’s not the regular “normous Newark” event but a show & jumble held once a year

I am in the U.K. around this time & wondering if it’s worth attending altering travel etc


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Re: Newark winter show - Morton’s event

John, I used to go there in the 90's, and found very good stuff, after that it went down and down, cannot imagine it getting better with Mortons involved, you know the jazz!! but I can recommend you some good hotels, and Indian restaurants!



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Re: Newark winter show - Morton’s event

Hi lex
That’s the Autojumble- this is a show started up a few years back
It’s not same event as the Normous events
I have a feeling the Autojumble might be as bad as the Bristol Classic Bike show so I need to make sure before - if it’s worth travelling to
Plane or ferry - big price differences in travel costs too

Yes - you are notorious when it comes to curry houses 🤣🤣


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