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WM20 dynamo drive pinion

Hi all,

Save me from madness. I have a later E3L dynamo that I want to replace with a correct E3HM-LO. (I'm going for LED bulbs.) Do both dynamos use the same drive pinion? My later long 'un has a pinion fitted. Will a long fixing nut used on the short model fit this to its tapered shaft? All of the exploded diagrams I've found show later parallel armatures.

Re: WM20 dynamo drive pinion

All dynamos fitted to MO1's have a parallel shafts with 2 keyways either long 60W or the short 45W.

Re: WM20 dynamo drive pinion

Hi Tim,

Thank you; that explains it. I've been over-thinking this one.

The HM-LO dynamo I have has an externally threaded, tapered armature shaft. One parts provider refers to this as an esrly BSA type, which I mistakenly assumed to include the WM20.

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Re: WM20 dynamo drive pinion

Some dynamos as on my coil ignition C10 have a different shaft to take a chain sprocket. Ron


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Re: WM20 dynamo drive pinion

Hi Craig
I have Dynamo pinions
If you can’t find locally
Am over for shepton mallet weekend after next

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