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Dynamo lubrication?

I am currently giving the M20 a thorough service and during this, I should, according the original maintenance manual, lubicate the dynamo with 50 grade oil.However, it doesn't tell me how or where to apply the oil!
(On my other bikes I just run them and if/when they die, if it's not just the brushes or commutaor that needs sorting, I just chuck the dynamo at a restorer:confounded:

Do I need to lubricate anything and if so, what, how and where.
Thanks in anticipation guys.

Re: Dynamo lubrication?

Lucas themselves said "light machine oil".

You're lubricating the ring-shaped felt pad.


This is why the correct original 200354 end caps for this period have a brass lubricator cover plate. (pre-war dynamos had a small spring-loaded push type lubricator).


A lot of pattern end caps have no lubrication facility. I dodn't know what the thinking is, or if they reflect post-war practice and Lucas ceased to fit them.

With no oiler on the cover, it is necessary to release the cover and give a drop or two from the "Wesco".

Re: Dynamo lubrication?

Many thanks Rik, very helpful. I'll take the end cap off and grab the 3in1

Re: Dynamo lubrication?

Well, I've removed the end cap to find there is no felt. I can see a bearing but this appears to be sealed. I could try and get a felt or make one but if the bearing is sealed ther seema little point.
I am glad I took the end cap off because there is quite a bit of corrosion in there so needs a spray of water repellent oil?

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