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ebay uk

Hi guys,
a little off topic question.
Some time ago I sold a few BSA parts trough Ebay UK from Holland to some one in Belgium.
Afer a while I got a bill off 80 pounds (wich is about 10% off the selling price)
Is that normal or am I doing something wrong ?
(so far I havent been able to fully understand the British description off ebay)

Re: ebay uk

I haven't sold on ebay for a while, but I seem to remember the sellers fees were around 10%, and similar again on the paypal fees.


Re: ebay uk

Ebay sellers fees are criminal.
We sell a few things and hope it is used as a shop window.
Most parts we show are cheaper to buy direct.
Especially if you are outside of the UK.


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Re: ebay uk

Ebay has priced itself out of the market in my opinion.
I was looking at spending nearly £200 on something in the US and was looking at 40% vat that end £45 shipping and then another 20% vat this end on the whole sum plus £10 charge from royal mail to tell me to come pick it up.
Just ridiculous

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