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rear frame

Hi everyone,
recently there was some discussion on the rear frames on the "for sale" pages.
My frame has a field stand lug and rear footrest lugs but not a combined saddle attachment + fuel tank ears.
What year could that frame be ?
My front frame is from 1941 (according to the frame number WM20 44180), is it a correct combination ?
(Michiel...Ron...? )

Re: rear frame

Mike this is the closest bike I can find, built in 1941 which has the pillion foot rests and the early field stand lug. It's from contract C9310 (9000 bikes with frame numbers 44213-53212) Pannier bags fitted as standard. Ron


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Re: rear frame

Thanks Ron.
The bike was built from parts from different sources, long ago, and I can assume that the front and rear frame are a reasonable match.

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