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Thank You To The NOBS

This is just to say thank you to The NOBS (I think I have that right?) for their usual excellent display at the Goodwood Revival. And for their very classy contribution to the track parades. Well done lads and lasses, a credit to our hobby.

Re: Thank You To The NOBS

NOBS....Normandy Old Bikers ! And some of us actually were part of that Group from around 20-odd years ago now when we camped at the Hillman bunker near Coleville Montgomery.....

The Goodwood event was a spin-off from those of us who originally went to Normandy all those years ago....indeed, many still do. But the downside to this (and there invariably always will be one) personally speaking was some "late-comers" to the NOBS adopting an almost elitist attitude to some of the original members who'd actually originally attended events in Normandy. No need for this, and after personally experiencing such my family and I avoid the Goodwood event as have others...the existing NOBS bears little connection in reality to those founding members of the Group....

Still, best wishes to those who attended and contributed to the Revival's success...

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