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Netley Marsh...

Netley tottered on again for another year...Personally I thought there was enough going on to make it a good event but it could still do to be bigger...Nevertheless, I met up with many of the 'regulars' and did OK on both the selling and buying fronts....
The deal on a NOS M20 rear stand had to be the highlight for me!...Ian

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Re: Netley Marsh...

Nice to meet up again Ian, and thanks for the Panniers!

I bought quite some nice stuff, never what I really need, but such is life.

The organization could do with re-arranging the whole field, make the walkways half the width, and set up the fence half a mile up the hill, so it's easier to walk the whole thing, come on Mortons, who do think you are fooling!!! (to pretend it's not getting smaller every year!)

Also enjoyed Beaulieu, and found nice bike stuff there too!



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Re: Netley Marsh...

Netley was pleasant, I had the impression that there was more older bike stuff again and I don't recall falling over a single Kawasaki fairing or late Harley Davidson standard exhaust system. My total WD-motorcycle related purchase though was a Norton wheel nut spanner that I really didn't need.

Beaulieu had fantastic weather and is a lovely spot to wander round in good company. Thanks to John O'Brien for the on-site breakfast cooking facilities and companionship. I can live with the fact that he now refers to me as "My driver"

My pickings at Beaulieu were slim too. I am now the owner of a Jenbro WD-marked 3/4lb ball-payne (sic) hammer :grinning: I sold a bit too. Which was nice.

Re: Netley Marsh...

I miss Netley Marsh, I always found something good there, but for me Beaulieu is better for a one day visit which is all thats practical for me and my father at the moment.

Beaulieu was good if rather hard work, I have to rush to do it all in 5 hours, but I bought a nice assortment of fittings from JOB who also kindly transported some parts delivered by Ron at Netley and my new rear seat cover from Bastiaan, I haven't fitted it yet but it is lovely quality. And I found a well used Romac puncture repair tin and a quite well done replica MT1130 tail lamp.

But mostly it was good to catch up with old friends who I don't seem to meet anywhere else these days.


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Re: Netley Marsh...

I agree with Ian. I was able to find some parts but compared to last year the jumble became even smaller. Netley is worth the visit on Friday as most sellers are then present, but this changes on Friday afternoon. So many dealers/sellers going away on Friday afternoon, leaving entire rows of empty spaces. I hope visitors on Saturday have reduced ticket prices.

The shower cabine for sellers/campers was also not present this year and the watertap was already closed down on Saturday morning?! How long Netley will go on like this?


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Re: Netley Marsh...

Hi all
After a bit of a lively social session in the local pub with some fellow EU citizens - Friday was a slow start confirming age is creeping up on me in the aftermath of a night in the pub

Despite its shrinking size & my criticism of the way the organisers have run it of late - I always do well there perhaps due to my focus on parts for a specific brand & model of bike

There was some nice new to market stuff there inc a very nice original balloon tank complete with decals
It’s a pity it really has become a one day event in recent years - Saturday is just not worth it for me

Rightly or wrongly - I left Friday evening & traded at beaulieu not expecting a great deal out of it - but ended up being very happy with my results

I sold well with the limited stock I brought in - bought well despite me not trudging the fields so much & my driver brought me to & from beaulieu for the weekend too - bonus

Now that I am back home in Ireland - I really need to ensure my trips over are planned & justifiable - this weekend justifies my travel & associated costs as not only does it provide access to parts & materials - but also to meet with fiends & enjoy the social scene this provides
I would love to see netley stand alone as a jumble on this weekend - but I fear this will now never happen -

Next trip over is shepton mallet - a great one day event - not so far from the ferry in real terms & split costs with my brother helps to soften the travel bill
Hooe to see some of you there

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Re: Netley Marsh...

Hi John...Good to catch up at Netley...I should be at Shepton as a 'punter'...See you there...First though, I have Stafford in mid October....Ian

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Re: Netley Marsh...

I don't get to a lot of events nowadays as too busy being retired......this was the first Netley I've attended for around 8 years.....

Echo the sentiments of others, in that it's a good 40% smaller than it used to be, the Morton's security/parking staff could do with a refreshment in basic customer service and common-sense, and that the entire event needs a review and/or overhaul before it folds up it's own backside......BUT, like others for me it's more a social event to catch up with others who I haven't seen for quite a while and to trade/deliver/collect/swap parts, etc........not looking for much in particular but I still managed to find a few decent bargains across the field......

Physical limitations nowadays won't allow me to attend Beaulieu as well, and tbh previous attendance at said event was a bit overwhelming. As I get older, I find my attention span limited to a few hours before I just glaze over.......

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