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Main jet

Hallo can anny one tel me wath the sice of a main jet is vor a new monoblock carburator for an M20 1943 ?

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Re: Main jet

A 1943 WM20 didn't have a monobloc carb, did they ?
But I am also interested in the size off the main jet and the needle jet.
(could not find it in the technical section)

Re: Main jet

OK in 1955 M20 had a one inch monobloc fitted and it had a 240 main jet, 30 pilot jet and 106 needle jet and a number 5 slide. This is from Amals book. Regards John

Re: Main jet

don't know if this helps but on my M21 I have a 1 1/16 " Monobloc with:

Mainjet 250 (270 without filter)
Pilot jet 30
Slide #5

seems to work OK

Re: Main jet

The M21 settings as you have stated are correct for the 1957 to 1961 M21 as per Amals book so will be fine for any M21.

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