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BSA WM20 - Identification / Dating and original colour

Dear all

I am writing on behalf of a good friend, Horace, who owns many BSA bikes. One of these is a BSA WM20.
He would very much appreciate your help in dating the bike and if possible finding out the original military colour.

Model - BSA WM20
Original Registration - 30LTO
Frame - WM20-80 919
Chassis Contract No - 23/S 1048 34

I have photographs of the frame and the chassis contract plate if required

Please do get in touch if anyone can assist.

Many thanks


P.S it's very sad to hear about Henk passing away. He has left a wonderful legacy of his love and devotion to vintage Motorcyle. What a gift to the motorcycle community world over.

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Re: BSA WM20 - Identification / Dating and original colour

Contract S1048 was for 15000 machines with frames and engines numbered WM20 81818 - 96817 so the contract plate doesn't seem to relate to this frame originally.

WM20 80919 was part of contract C13290 (10000 machines WM20 71818 - 81817 and with WDS Serials C4752401 - C4757400 and C4860801 - C4865800)

Your friend's bike would therefore seem to have been C4864902. Delivery began in late 1942 and continued in 1943. This would be in the period that they were finished in SCC No.2 Brown colour.

Re: BSA WM20 - Identification / Dating and original colour

I have a picture here with a very close census number. But I'm not going to post it, as once again, I'm shocked by the impoliteness of somebody asking a question without feeling the need to thank the person who takes his time to do some research and post an elaborate answer.

"Gratia non solum maxima, sed etiam parens omnium virtutum." (Cicero)

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

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Re: BSA WM20 - Identification / Dating and original colour

Hi Rik

Sorry for the delay In my responds.
I’ve not been back on the site as I have been away.

Thank you for the detailed information you’ve provided.
It’s very helpful. I’m actually with Horace now. He passes on his thanks. We will do some research on the SCC No.2 brown colour.

How would Horace proceed to get a certificate of dating?

Many thanks, Rik.

Take care


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Re: BSA WM20 - Identification / Dating and original colour

The three routes for a dating letter are:-
The Military Vehicle trust

All of which will cost you if you are not a member.


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