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Norton 16 H Army cut tank

Hi All,

I have a small query for WD Norton 16H.Did Norton WD motorcycles come with a army cut tank as in BSA M20 for Vokes filter installation.

Request you all to throw some light on this.

Thank you🙏 All


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Re: Norton 16 H Army cut tank

Here's one. I think I'm right in saying that they changed the cap to hinge from the side so as not to interfere with the filter. Ron


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Re: Norton 16 H Army cut tank

Rob mentions it on his website

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Re: Norton 16 H Army cut tank

There were indeed Nortons with a cut off petrol tank. Basically the earlier Australian machines and one contract C9062 built in 1941.
For some strange reason when the tank top filter was made a standard part on the machines later in the war they did not use the cut off version petrol tank anymore whereas the other brands like BSA introduced them on their machines!
The petrol cap hinges on the left hand side of the opening, instead of the rear end side as used on "normal"tanks.



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Re: Norton 16 H Army cut tank

This fuel tank was for sale at Kempton Park in 2019. I can't quite read the serial number that I photographed but it looks to have been in the 47000s.


Some cutaway tanks were apparently "rectified" but I have no idea if this was a wartime adaption or done later for civilian sale ?

This one also had the side-opening cap.


I have no identifiable photos of C9062 machines. All 1893 were to be dismantled and crated for export. Presumably to the "Far East"

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