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temporary import

Not sure if this has already been covered but I couldn't find it in a search so here goes:

I want to bring my german registered bike with me in the back of a van when I visit the UK later this year. Bike will be going back with me within a month or so.

This used to be no problem in pre-brexit times but I'm wondering if there might be new requirements these days. Anyone got any current experience?


Re: temporary import

I took a BSA B50 to Belgium last year and even told them it was in the back of the Camper,
They showed no interest.


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Re: temporary import

I brought my 16H in to the UK via Dover at the end of May, for an event. The bike was clearly visible in the back of a Berlingo Mulstispace (windows all the way round).

UK Customs at the booth on the way out pointed me into the bays for further checks. When I got there, the officer looked in through the side windows, saw me and the bike and waved us through. No checks on the way back, and once again the bike clearly visible. In order to fit it in, I have to remove the tail section and number plate. Obviously, I had all vehicle docs with me but they weren't requested.

None of which is a guarantee, but suggests that they are treating hobby vehicles in the same way that they would any other private equipment.

Re: temporary import

we took tree bikes over on a trailer a month back. no problems at all!

aslong they are registered and insured there is NO problem.

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Re: temporary import

Thanks, that is reassuring.

Having read reports of problems with trailered vehicles going from the UK to France soon after Brexit I was a bit concerned that the UK might be imposing similar restrictions.

Re: temporary import

The only real problem I think is that Customs Officers have absolute discretion. If one of them suspects that the vehicle is being permanently imported or is for sale, then they have the power to say "no"

I don't know how we could prove that a bike wasn't being imported for sale if they take that line...but it doesn't seem to be general practice so it's probably just a risk that we'll have to accept.

Presumably you'll have crash helmet and riding gear etc. with you ?

Re: temporary import

Yes, I will have all the gear with me. I am coming over after the Columbres rally in Spain.

The bike is the last I would sell as it belonged to my deceased brother, an ex-motorcycle cop who got the B31 as a retirement toy.

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