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Mark Donald is back...

I posted a Wants message earlier (WD/CO front engine plates wanted) and within half an hour the scammer is on the line:


Just want to let you know that I have , Royal Enfield WD/CO parts , if you are interested, email me back for more details.


What is the year of your project bike

Needless to say I haven't replied!
So be alert chaps!
REgards, Mark

Re: Mark Donald is back...

Come on Mark! Pull his leg, the ba***rd! Ask him to buy the complete bike. Ask him for pictures. Keep him busy! 😁

email (option):

Re: Mark Donald is back...


Re: Mark Donald is back...

The send his details to your loccal cyber crime division
Sounds like he is a rank ametur so easy meat for them to catch & prosecute .

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