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Re: D/R lock box

Hi all,

I have been trying to work out where and how the small lockable boxes, black in colour went onto a D/R bike.

These boxes are dated, with a cross foot stamp, and always advertised as D/R. Can anyone educate me please?



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Re: D/R lock box

I don't know why they would be considered as DR kit. As far as I think, they are a small mobile tool box for a fitter/mechanic. I don't recall ever seeing one attached to a bike?

I have one marked AM (Air Ministry RAF) Ron

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Re: D/R lock box

Hi Danny

Do you mean these, I have wondered about them for years, I suspect they are just a small tool box for a fitter or artificer to carry minimal tools for small specific jobs, the motor cycle misconception comes from their resemblance to early bike tool boxs, but I'm ready to learn differently.




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Re: D/R lock box

Thanks guys,

And for confirming this information.



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