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10% added to spare parts prices.

At first when I saw one of these labels stuck on the inside of these spare parts books I thought that it must be post war,but not sure about that now,they do not appear in any other parts books that I have only Royal Enfields,its unusual that they are in WD issued parts books,but I suppose its also unusual that prices would appear in the books also.

Re: 10% added to spare parts prices.

I've also noticed these labels in the Enfield parts lists. Not sure when they were introduced though.

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Re: 10% added to spare parts prices.

Since Royal Enfield were one of the manufacturers who offered re-furbished machines right from the end of the war, could it be possible that these Parts Books were intended to support civilian sales? There must have been huge quantities of unused components and literature, some of it returned from army units, hence the over-stamp.
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Re: 10% added to spare parts prices.

I don't understand these labels... I've just checked the prices of a few random parts in the parts lists for the war time WD/C and WD/CO. Here's an example:
Connecting rod plus big end assembly (part number 27311):
- There are no prices in the 1940 WD/C parts lists (contracts C/5107 (November 1939), C/5654 February 1940), C/6125 (February 1940) and the multiple contract "C7182-C7890-demand 1638" which was printed in August 1940)
- From the 1941 WD/C parts lists onwards (multiple contract "C7182-C7890-C8136-CS11463" onwards, printed in August 1941) the con rod + big end assy costs £2 s5 d0 or £2,25 in today's money. This is also the parts list in which they start adding the 10% label. This would mean that the price was actually £2,475...
- This price (£2 s5 d0 + 10%) remains the same for all the following WD/C and WD/CO contracts, up until the end of the war! And the same 10% label is being used for all these contracts as well!


As Mark says, Enfield offered refurbished machines right from the end of the war. But in November 1945 they had made a new parts list for these home market and export market "Model CO” bikes (that’s how they were called now). And this post war parts list didn't include prices.


Instead there was a separate price list. The foreword is interesting:


And the price for the con rod + big end assembly (27311) is now £0 s75 d0, or £3,75 in today's money.



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Re: 10% added to spare parts prices.

The 10% added to spare parts prices label is not in this 1940 dated WD/C parts book,looks like they were added from 1942/43 parts books,the increase probably due to industry running at full capacity many needing steels which would be in high demand.

Below, a picture of a WD/C while on the subject of Enfields.

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