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Hi there, I’m gently looking for a bike, already I think a chaps trying to pull one over on me, any suggestions, recommendations, for genuine sale, much appreciated,

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Re: Wm20

You haven't given much detail about what you might be after but M20s come up for sale pretty regularly so the key thing is not to rush in but to wait for the right deal...A reasonably good WM20 will be around £6000-£7000 pounds bought privately...You'll see them for more, particularly at dealers, but I'm unsure how often they actually sell at that...A running project that requires some work will be proportionately less of course...
In my opinion it's better to go for a bike that has all the correct cycle parts but needs work in other areas such as mechanical work or refinishing rather than the reverse...Finding the right cycle parts to replace incorrect/post war fitments is getting harder and a lot more expensive as time passes...Mechanical parts are generally still about on the whole...
Decide what sort of year you favour and do your homework/ask questions to determine what specifications the bike should have before, not after, you buy the bike to avoid disappointment...
I would avise posting a couple of pictures of anything you are considering on here as there are many qualified to give their view on what you're looking at and what the owner is telling you...If you see one on ebay simply put the details of the listing here to get a similar response...Ian

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