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Ball valve behind the gauze filter ..

I have a 1951 registered M20 , running fine ( if a little reluctant on hills ) and I’ve come to do my first oil change . I’ve changed the oil in the tank and was about to take the sump cover off to clean the gauze filter etc . My question is this , is the ball valve beyond likely to follow when I remove the gauze ?? I have a club run planned for tomorrow and I don’t want to cause a problem that would mean I’d have to cancel .😬

Re: Ball valve behind the gauze filter ..

The ball is captive in the tube attached to the lower pump body plate so nothing will come adrift when you remove the sump plate, gauze and gaskets....Take care not to overtighten the 1/4" nuts that hold the plate on when refitting...Ian

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Re: Ball valve behind the gauze filter ..

Thanks Ian , thanks for the info, that’s as I suspected as there is no mention of it on the oil change instructions pages I perused . Had a cracking if tiring 100 miles plus ride out on Saturday with the Pembrokeshire vintage and classic club , no problems to report except the heat and a sticky throttle cable 😁

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