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1941 WD G3L mounting the Smiths speedo

I am thinking there must be an easier way.

I put the speedo on the mount and tried to mount it to the frame only to discover you can't insert the bolts that hold the speedo mount to the frame with the speedo already mounted.

So I removed the speedo from the mount and bolted the mount to the frame, only to discover there is almost no room to screw on the nuts, under the mount, onto the studs that come out of the back of the speedo.

What goes first, or is it a bit of both and a lot of swearing?



Re: 1941 WD G3L mounting the Smiths speedo

Fiddle a lot, and swearing helps. Mind you, with the price of replacement speedos, it might be a good idea to weld the thing on to the mount!!!

Re: 1941 WD G3L mounting the Smiths speedo

Hello Alum

my method of fitting the speedo to the wd G3L is as follows:- Firstly fit the speedo cable in its correct position, but do not fasten it to the frame or connect it to the speedo drive gearbox. Tie the top end of the cable up higher than its final position with a piece of string, this makes it accessable when fitting the cable to the speedo head & also stop the nut on the cable head dropping down

Next, fit the two bolts with washers into the speedo mounting bracket

Next, fit the speedo head onto the mounting bracket & fully tighten the nuts up

Then fit the speedo cable

Then using a flat spanner, tighten up the mounting bolts

Finally screw the speedo cable to the speedo drive gear box & fasten the speedo cable in place using rubber cable ties

I have tried fitting the speedo head with the head lamp shell removed, but there is still difficulty in accessing the rearmost nut on the speedo head

You may find the lighting switch easier to use if you unscrew the switch knob & refit it 180 degrees round

Anything else you need to know, drop me a line & I will try to help if I can


Chris Moore

Re: 1941 WD G3L mounting the Smiths speedo

Matchless Motorcycles...'We make the easy difficult'....:laughing: ..Ian

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Re: 1941 WD G3L mounting the Smiths speedo

Don't be too hard on them Ian. There were no two the same so some were easier than others ! :smile:

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