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Uploading photos to this forum: short instruction

It is possible to upload photos to this forum, below a short and simple instruction.

1. Go to (this is a free image hosting site)

2. Select 'Start uploading'

3. Select the photos you would like to post

4. Select 'Upload'

5. Select 'HTML large with link' and copy the link in the textbox below the photos.

You have now succesfully uploaded to a photo and copied the link.

6. Then go to the post on this forum in which you would like to add the photo, press 'CTRL + V'

You will see a text, this text is the link to the photo or photos you have uploaded. You will not see the actual photo yet.

7. Then press below 'submit' and your post on this forum including the photo or photos is done. Your photo is now visible.

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