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Re: Scam alert: Attention moderators

The Anstey link isn't a great design really...It wobbles about on fast bumpy bends much the same as a plunger A10 does....When rebushed etc. things are a little better but the assembly wears again quite quickly...I've done lots of miles on plunger model BSAs and had the Square Four for a few years as well during which I used it for the daily commute to work....The engine was docile but very smooth, topping out at just over the 'ton'..The only mod. I did was to fit an oil cooler...

Ariels claim of '10 to 100mph in top' was certainly true of the Mk2 and I liked that broad spread of the available power...It was the best bike I ever rode in snow due to its soft power delivery...

You soon get used to the rear end wobble of both makes, it's quite predictable and the limits are soon picked up...What I would like is the Ariel engine in another frame but unfortunately they aren't seen for sale these days...Ian

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