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Re: Lucas M01 Magneto Variants

I think that I've narrowed down the M01'4 used by Triumph, which should be the most common, but not the late war M01'6 yet.

The M01'4 is 465101 and either Type L or L/0

I've started putting together a full if anyone can add anything, it would be a good moment to include it.

Re: Lucas M01 Magneto Variants

no it's "normal" maybe you've got the C 7374/5/1 or the C 7945/10/1 from May 1940,
but in April 1941 there is a part list for these 2 contract condensed in one book!!!
and they ad the carburetor and the electrical system...

 photo wdd1_zps80kosuml.jpg

 photo wdd2_zpstkzj3oy7.jpg

the other pages are in photobucket..
find nothing about magdynos on the WD/G or WD/L part list or hints and tips books....

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Re: Lucas M01 Magneto Variants

Come on, where are the other marque specialists? Research like this needs your support!


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Re: Lucas M01 Magneto Variants

Also Ariel WNG:
contract S.6287 ( issued march 1945) MO1/6,H3/0
contract C13871 ( issued November42 reprint feb 1944) MO1/4,H3


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Re: Lucas M01 Magneto Variants

The MO1/4 AQ/4 465115 which appeared for RE WD/D contract C/7945 appears in the civilian lists for 1940 150cc and 250cc models. This makes sense as C7945 was the composite July 1940 contract made up of various models and having the appearance of using up factory stock and spares.

It seems to have been interchangeble in all respects with the L1 type. The difference may have been as simple as the length of A/R cable or HT lead fitted to the complete assembly

Re: Lucas M01 Magneto Variants

As so often, once one starts looking there is often more information available so I've attempted to correlate evrything that I can find. It's from multiple sources and is based as far as possible on definitive links, but E.&.O.E., of course. The lists commence with the pre-war MO1/0 as although not generally used for 'our' generation of WD machines, they may help identify one that's fitted. I've included the ring cam MSL1 for Norton as these were initially fitted to machines which saw wartime service.

The 1950s Lucas documentation clearly refers to 'MO' and not 'M0' although a zero is what appears to be stamped on the plates and the ' mark is shown as a full stroke.

In general, it's all quite logical and straightforward, with the exception of Royal Enfield and their plethora of models and variations. Although Triumph are shown in Lucas literature as 'L/0', the few plates that I have seen are stamped simply 'L'

The next task will be to try pinning down the dates of the changes and whether aluminium or brass plates were used.

MO1/0 - H3/1 - 463814
MO1/1 - H3/1 - 463834
MO1/2 - H3 - - 463963
MO1/4 - H3 - - 465112
MO1/6 - H3/0 - 46013

MO1/1 - AC20/0 - 463830
MO1/2 - AC20 - - 463959
MO1/4 - AC20 - - 465109
MO1/6 - AC20 - - 46011

MSL1/11 – AG - 462810
MO1/0 – AG4 - 463811
MO1/1 - AG4 - 463831
MO1/2 - AG4 - 463960
MO1/4 - AG4 - 465110
MO1/6 - AG4/0 - 46012

Royal Enfield
MO1/0 – L1 – 463821 – 1938 Range
MO1/1 - L1 – 464926 – 1939 Range
MO1/2 – L1 – 463952 - WD/C
MO1/4 - L1 – 465102 – WD/CO + D + G + L
MO1/4 – AQ4 – 465115 – WD/D
MO1/4 - H3 – 465112 – WD/C
MO1/4 - L1/0 – 46010
MO1/6 – L1/0 – 46010B

MO1/1 - L/0- 463821
MO1/2 - L/0 - 463951
MO1/4 - L/0 - 465101
MO1/6 – L/0 - 46009

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