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Re: exhaust problems BSA WM20

It will probably be worth checking yours first as you may have a good one!
I can not condem the company on the back of one exhaust but mine certainly is not as it should be.

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Re: exhaust problems BSA WM20

I get my pipes made by Barry at overlander down here in OZ.
Never had a problem with a pipe that I have picked up in person.
I have had problems with pipes sent through the mail
Contry to popular belief they are quite fragile & easily bent slightly out of shape.
Would not be a problem if they were despatched in a heavy wooden frame but no BSA rider would be willing to stump up for the freight costs.
I don't know how Armours do their pipes bu Barry has his coded for his 3 axis bending machine so every pipe is exactly right when it comes off the bender.

Re: exhaust problems BSA WM20

If you think there are problems with M.20 exhaust pipes and silencers just try some of the replica offerings for WD 16Hs. I don't think I have ever seen 2 pipes the same and the problem is enhanced by it having to fit to two securing points as opposed to the one for an M.20 pipe. As for the WD 16H silencer I haven't seen a replica in the UK that was even close.

Of course I may not be looking in the right place so if you can please put me right - I would be most grateful.

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Re: exhaust problems BSA WM20

My last and final dealing with Armours was years ago and I will never buy one again!

Two complete system were ordered, one for my 1961 Triumph Bonneville and one for a Norton Commando. Neither one could be made to fit. They were not even close. The front mounting brackets for the Triumph were off at least an inch and would have required removing the chrome to move the brackets to the correct place. One the silencer was fitted, its mounting brackets were in the wrong place too.

A friend of mine ordered a Velocette system and it was impossible to fit at all unless you left the foot rests off the bike.

I don't know how they remain in business when everything they make is crap!

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