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WD M20 For Sale

My 70th birthday is coming in several months and with it the realization that I am no longer physically able to enjoy my M20. It is a 1944 model with documentation from the Key Cards showing service in the BAOR. I would like very much to sell it to someone who appreciates what she represents.
The paint color is not correct and I have replaced the air control level and the petrol taps plus a new Burlen/Amal 276, copper head gasket and Dunlap “Retro” tires. Other those items, I think it is pretty much original. The seat and pillion covers are showing their age and the pannier bags may not be original but they look pretty close. I will also note that it is pretty temperamental starting, but what old girl isn’t.
I feel $8,000 USD is a fair price but I will entertain other offers. I am located in New Hampshire, USA. I will also include my DR helmet, gloves, goggles and a box of spare odds and ends. Please contact me at the email below.
I hope I have the ImgBB photo links correct but I’ll be happy to provide images/info directly to interested parties.

Best Regards, Barry

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