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Paint surface finish....

The 'green' or 'brown' parts on any refurbished wartime motorcycle could be a completely flat, dull finish or more of an eggshell, or satin finish depending on the paint type and method used to refinish the parts...

What is the general opinion on what the original factory applied finish conformed to..? NOS parts seem to indicate a completely matt original finish but all available parts have obviously been around for a long time with possible changes to finish over that amount of time...

On another paint related topic does anyone have a paint code or similar recommendation to match the 'mustard' coloured British anti gas paint?...Ian

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Re: Paint surface finish....

In the colour scheme section in O&M. The wartime paints are described as "Matt non reflective"

Polyurethane single pack full matt is what I use these days, followed by a rub over with WD40 with a soft cloth, to add a sheen and some soak in protection which can be reapplied a few times a year if required as long as the paintwork is first washed. Ron

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Re: Paint surface finish....

Hi Ian,
After speaking to an old chap who worked in the industry, i understood the original paint to be lead chromate. This could be supplied in green or brown and the chap suggested that as an apprentice, he spent so long mixing this cocktail that he still remembered the formula.
I was lucky enough that he mixed a 5 litre tin for me and also a pale green which some used as undercoat.

I have undercoated several parts which is an amazing hard finish. ( i actually dropped the fuel tank and the paint did not mark ! )
The nearest “feel” i could suggest would be red lead paint.
So i feel sure the original finish was indeed this paint.
It can be thinned for spraying but i used a very small brush and it flats very well indeed. No brush marks at all. But the guy has long retired and told me that the firm could do a batch but it would mean 100 x 5 litre tins !


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Re: Paint surface finish....

Mvt type 28 shades of olive drab, pick one, type discussion.
For early war British green, cobbatobs light early war British green is right colour, for brown it's model shop leather brown number 64, for late war darker greens it's pick one you like, even the ones that look slightly blue.
Original finish varied, some of the 40/41 colours were garish and non military looking but they used what green paint they had.

Most nos parts are late standardised or refinished, as well you know.

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