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WM20 - no saddle grease nipple?

Random query: the front saddle fixing on my frame doesn't have a grease nipple. No signs of any hole for one on the tunnel. It's a 39 / early 40 frame. Is this usual? I was going to drill & tap it, but the fixing appears original and I'm not a monster...

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Re: WM20 - no saddle grease nipple?

Hi Craig
I have 2 frames here residing in my living room
Frame 1: Oct 39 - integrated saddle bolt loop - grease nipple at rear
Frame 2: Oct 41 - separate saddle bolt bracket - grease nipple at rear

I can check others here later if you need
I have a feb 1940 & a 44 to hand br

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Re: WM20 - no saddle grease nipple?

There was a DME circular which mentions the BSA front saddle mount, its in the highest priority list "Immediate action".

B.158 6/7/41 1. Saddle front mounting 2. Battery fixing bolt B.S.A. M/C's

Unfortunately we don't have the circular to check, but it could be that its to do with retro fitting a grease nipple to early machines which didn't have them? This may be evidence that these circulars didn't reach every machine?


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