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I apologise that this post may be a little off topic but I am trying to identify a twin cylinder magdyno that I have. The model is MN2 and the type is L and it does have an adv/retard in the normal format. I would appreciate any help that you can give me to say what motorcycles it would have been fitted to. Cheers, John

Re: Magdyno

The MN2 was fitted to pre war Triumphs, Douglas twins and post war Royal Enfield twins...The L suffix denotes 'long dynamo' which makes it post war so a Royal Enfield Twin such as the Meteor is the most likely candidate if the drive end cover looks like a 'normal' magdyno..

When fitted to the Douglas the body and drive end cover were a rather odd shape with pointed 'extensions' that protruded horizontally and gave the drive end of the unit an odd 'diamond' shaped appearance...Ian

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