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Period picture of liberator with 16H

Hi all, 'found' another picture showing my aunt Toos Verbeek seated on -I think- a 16H with the despatch rider next to her.
Picture was taken in November 1944 during the liberation of Steenbergen behind the main house of their farm at the Dinteloordseweg.
The Canadian Algonquin Regiment liberated Steenbergen, does this tie up with this rider and his 16H ?
Large number on the front guard is 62


below a picture that I think I have shown before, same day.

Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Yes, that would fit. '62' on green, and then in conjunction with the maple leaf on green of 4th Canadian Armoured Division.

Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Hi Vincent,

That’s intresting!
I live in Steenbergen is the house still there that you know? Might be nice to do a then and now photo.


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Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Thanks Rik !
Hello Nick, yes it is : Dinteloordseweg No.2,4.3340708,52m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x47c4155a50f9f29b:0x9acbb1ac8d78a831!2sDinteloordseweg,+Steenbergen!3b1!8m2!3d51.5960714!4d4.3375169!3m4!1s0x47c4154fec02ce6d:0x68319730ed17fd94!8m2!3d51.5920424!4d4.3340568

The part where the trees are leaning against on the second picture was broken down in the fifties.

The front of the farm,,4.3336893,3a,75y,120.99h,89.6t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s2-5e6cAHu_uc0yRCt1ZsSA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

One more, possibly taken at the same day, if you imagine the pic above is taken looking to the left then this one is taken to the right from photographers point of view. (20 years later, I learned to ride a bicycle there)


Algonquin badge my mother was given as a present by one of the Canadian soldiers.


Ne-kah-ne-tah : We lead, others follow.

Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

That's really special, Vincent. Was there much fighting around the farm or just a bit of blast damage ?

Is the motorcyclist in the first photo a Black Canadian ?

Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Wow thanks for sharing Vincent :)

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Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

A rear view mirror fitted! Another Canadian trait. (Good idea)


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Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

As the Canadian forces moved forward coming from the South they 'swiped' the Germans gradually up to the North (this in a nutshell as the battle was pretty complicated)
The farm of my grandparents got at a certain point within reach of the Canadian artillery and most of the grenades flew over the house..... most.. Some came in a bit low and they hit the trees standing around the farm. That's the damage you see on the roof of the main shed.
Luckely -or they where good marksman- none did a direct hit.
One story my dad (who was my mums boyfriend and stayed a lot at the farm to keep out of sight of the Germans ) told me was that they had dug a large trench behind the large barn, thinking that if there was a hit they would be safe with that large barn behind them.
Well not so, the trees that where hit came down on them! so they had to move somewhere else. All got out safe in the end. and I am one of the products haha.:smiley:
First picture: in the background you can see some of those trees, they used to be much higher!
About the dispatch rider, I contacted the information in Canada to see if I can find out who he was. Yes Rik I too think the rider is a colored man, perhaps that is a clue in finding out. There could still be some relatives.

Ron, a very wise choice with all those grenades coming in from behind him !

getting of topic now.. same spot a few years later, my mum and dad on -possibly- a small Motobecane.

Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Really nice! can't add any info,


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Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Just went there to make a then and now photo.
The owners of the house did give some strange looks, but i took the photo anyway.

Unfortunately i do not own a norton wd16h but i think the BSA will do for the photo

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Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Nice one Nick, thanks for taking the time to do this !!

and another picture, my dad on a G3L while he was in the Prinses Irene Brigade, late '44 or early '45 near Bergen op Zoom . (note wooden shoes)
his emblems


maintenance shop Irene Brigade 'De trein' Nieuw Borgvliet near Bergen op Zoom. 2nd from left dad, 1st from right his brother Jan.


Re: Period picture of liberator with 16H

Vincent, what great photos, you are very lucky to have them and thanks for sharing them on here for us all to see.

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