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Headlights & Speedometers - all is not right in the world

Good evening from the cold of Alaska

Few issues with my 1944 wm20 that has me in the dumps.

Turns out my Smiths speedo is shot and Nisonger needs $650+ to just get it back to usable shape. So I might need another.

Also, the headlights that I have are post war versions with round lenses. Does the flat glass/retaining ring fit on these?
If not, I will be in the market for an original headlight with ampmeter.

Being located where I am in the world, parts aren't that easy to come by.

Does anyone have a lead on where I can locate these parts? Anyone sitting on a stash that can spare?

I am more familiar with pre war 4 wheeled vehicles, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all,

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Re: Headlights & Speedometers - all is not right in the world

The switch plate and switch/ammeter from your domed glass headlamp will fit the wartime version...
You'll need a 'flat' glass, headlight shell, headlamp rim, rim clip and spring from a wartime one as all these parts are a little different...You can get away with using the existing reflector/bulb assembly assuming your dome glass headlamp is an original with separate reflector and glass....

There are speedo dealers in England who will sell you a reconditioned WD speedo for less than the price you have quoted and will take your old unit as an exchange against it....

Contact me off forum to discuss your exact requirements, I have some headlamp parts and may be able to help....Ian

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Re: Headlights & Speedometers - all is not right in the world

From all accounts, Chronometrics in the UK are very good and will charge nowhere near the price you were quoted. Shipping between the UK and USA is reasonable.

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