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TRIUMPH contract plates.

The TRIUMPH contract plates were fixed to the rear mudguard tail section,below is a contract plate from a 5SW , contract C8575 this is made from brass.

Below is a contract plate for a 3HW,contract C13948 this is also made from brass.

Below the contract plates on these 3HWs in a storage depot are also made from brass,they must be 1942 models?.

Below is steel contract plate from S2956 1944?

Below is how the contract plates were fixed on to the tail section.

Below is the contract plate off my 1943 bike TEC.10.43,which is also steel.

Below its location on the tail section,the two studs which hold the tail section stay also hold the no plate and modern lights,which is just off to the left,I use wing nuts to quickly take it off and put it in the left hand pannier bag.

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