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Forum Photograph - RMP 155

I think we have seen this photograph before and besides the obvious NIFE Battery being removed and placed alongside the machine I notice a couple of other points. Firstly the side stand retaining clip seems to be missing and secondly the Census number also appears to be on the top of the balloon tank or perhaps another identification mark? Is there a lower rear sidecar lug? The tax disc holder and rear light now being rare and sought after parts these days.

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Re: Forum Photograph - RMP 155


There is some information attached to this picture "Stiffkey camp, Norfolk, 1939".

Unfortunately I only have a poor resolution copy of this image, does anyone have a better one they could post or email me?

The rear sidecar lug appears to be the undrilled unthreaded type also seen on contract A9764.




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Re: Forum Photograph - RMP 155

You are right Rob, I think it is the undrilled lug. Exactly as it is om my KM20.


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Re: Forum Photograph - RMP 155

Interesting to note the different locations for the side stand retaining clip.

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Re: Forum Photograph - RMP 155

Looks to be the same road tax disk holder as used on early Nortons.



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