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cush drive spring lenth

What is the free lenth of the cush drive spring
Ta Drew, Thanks Henk and Ian to

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Re: cush drive spring lenth

Free length when new is 1 5/8"....Less than 1 15/32" and your looking at replacement or some shimming to restore pre load....

When you slowly turn the engine over using the kickstart and the piston comes up against compression the shock absorber cams should move about a third of the way up the cams before the increasing spring pressure overcomes compression pressure and the engine turns over...Ian

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Re: cush drive spring lenth

from my notes...undoubtedly nicked from Ian...:smile:

"for the M20 the length is 1 5/8" with pitch of 5/8" (measured from the center line of one coil to the next.)"

appears Ian was a nanosecond quicker!

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