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Terry Clips used

I have a few of the Terry clips used on the rear mudguard on various WD bikes - BSA part 65-9071

On the BSA m20, 5 were used on the rear Mudguard

Other Terry Clips were used up on the front frame down tube section and I know replicas are available from Jiri at Vintage Replica

However he lists a few variations and would appreciate a steer from someone as to which ones are correct or at least close to original

If you also have the original BSA part numbers, that would be a bonus too as just now, I cannot find them


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Re: Terry Clips used

Hi John,

I think the other clips on the M20 were not made by Terry but by BSA.

The one on the front down tube is part number 66-9051 and on the right on the photo below.

Two were fitted to the frame tube under the fueltank (upper tube), these have part number 66-9050. It's on the left in the photo.

Both on the photo are original.

I am thinking of having them made repro, I could not find them on Jiri's website.



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Re: Terry Clips used

Hi Bastiaan
thanks for your information
I have been transferring loads of files here from 2 x old laptops and and old ipad trying to consolidate my reference material onto a new laptop
The clips came up as a question and since I posted I found some additional information - linked to what you have posted

So far I have found 9 part numbers for clips - steel and rubber - some with varying quantities but the reference material doesn't indicate which contact it was covered under - that's the next job

like you considering getting some made

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Re: Terry Clips used

These are available from the AOMCC :


as you see for up to 3 cables.....

Re: Terry Clips used

Ariel Owners Motor Cycle Club??

I did an enquiry to have these made with a local spring makers firm, but 15 euro's a piece (per size) was too much for me! had to buy 30 pieces at the time.



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Re: Terry Clips used

Yes, ask Single Spares

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