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Front Brake Sticking

Hi All

I am after a little bit of advice in regards to the front brake on my M20.

When pulled fully in the brake sticks on. Firstly I noticed there were some deep grooves worn in part of the brake shoes where the elongated cam actuates. I assumed this was the problem at first and filed it so it was more flat hoping that would persuade the cam to follow back to its normal position without interference. However it seems the problem is that the elongated cam "grounds" itself when the brake is applied fully. Meaning it wont travel back without persuasion and the filing I have done, if anything, has made it worse.

I am just thinking what the best possibly course of action would be from here. Is it that the elongated cam could be worn down? It is obvious looking that the sides of the shoes that the cam actuates on is well worn so are new shoes the answer, seems a shame as there is quite a lot of pad left on them. Or is it my drum that is worn out meaning the shoes have to travel further.

Just looking to see if anyone has had the same experience or knows a way to overcome this.

Many thanks!

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Re: Front Brake Sticking

Looking at the picture my guess is that a new pair of pull off springs is in order, they don't appear to be working well.

Re: Front Brake Sticking

The cams are quite hard and don't usually wear...One solution is to cut two pieces of sheet metal to the appropriate size and get them tig welded to the part of the brake shoe you filed down...

Weld along each side of the piece on each shoe...Once the cam is restricted from moving near to the point of maximum lift the problem will disappear...

This problem sometimes occurs when brake drums are skimmed...The cam goes to the top of its lift and is held there by the pressure exerted by the brake shoe springs....Ian

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Re: Front Brake Sticking

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Re: Front Brake Sticking

You are aware BSA use self centring brakes , the cam is on an elongated slot , so back the nut off , pull the brake on and pull the bike backwards and lock off the nut to centre the brakes in the drum

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