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Contract number

I just got another looking at the contract number for my M20 and looked it up in the British Forces Motorcycles book. The contract number is 23/S 1048 with a Catalogue number :34. I got to wondering what the '23' before the /S 1048 stood for as it isn't listed in the BFM Contract notes,all that is given is info on contract S1048. Another question is how do I go about finding out the C number for my bike.I sure would appreciate any pointers.


Re: Contract number

Hi Hank

Very nice, thats the first S1048 plate I've seen. I don't know what the 23 stands for but it appears on contract plates for various types of vehicle so its not just motorcycles.

You can work out your tank serial quite easily, WM20 81818 = C51155218 and they just follow on in order.

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