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blue vs green.... and?

In the last post there was a referance to the air Force blue color and an implication that this increased the value over std. When I striped mine and got thru the several colors the base color seemed to be blue, but by 1942 I thought all were mil. green of the period? Off topic, but have an early 46 aj basket case. Seems identical to the war model..... hmmm... any thoughts?

Re: blue vs green.... and?

Hi Craig. You are correct. All motorcycles supplied to the RAF during the war were painted in exactly the same army green/brown as those supplied to the army. There might have been the odd vehicle left over from pre war times that retained it's blue finish. But the last thing the RAF were thinking about would be to repaint a motorcycle. In fact to my mind it would devalue a machine to be so basically wrong. Ron

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