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A lot of years ago (like 15 years ago),i was here in argentina at the door of my grandmother house, and suddenly from the corner i saw the garbage man on his truck.. SO far nothing unusual.
But when the truck stops in front of my to pick our garbage i saw a strange " never seen before" bsa 100% complete but WITHOUT ENGINE...
To resume the story, i bought the motorcycle to the garbage man . I paid for it all that i have on my pocket.I was then 17 years old, so you could imagine that it wasnt more than 20 usd with luck.
Like the motorcycle had no engine,my brother and i decided hang it on the wall.
Till yesterday, staring to this unique BSA (unique here in my country i asume) we decide to start searching to buy an engine.
The model like you can see is BSA B20 Tourer.. Side valve 249cc.
I have the gearbox and everithing else.. The motocycle is new. with his cloth covered wires, the factory paint, the gear lever, everithing..
But no engine ! So if anyone can help me and my brother, we could arrange payment and shipping here to Argentina.
SOrry for the off topic message.
The green BSA from the pic is for ilustrate only.That is not our motorcycle.
Best regards.

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Re: Help

Lucas, I can't help with an engine. But have a look at BSA links on this site, and go to Leon's homepage BSA 1930-40. Perhaps talk to Leon. Ron

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