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The Status of Despatch Riders

Danny's nice re-working of the 'DR' photo (re-copied to here)reminded me of a report in Henk's archive where an Officer Commanding an R.Sigs. unit at Catterick gave his views on DRs and Drivers.


We tend to think of DRs and Motorcyclists as being almost the ultimate warrior but apparently this view was not universally held.


"...those chosen and trained to act as drivers and DRs are those not clever enough to tackle other jobs..."

Imagine if this comment had reached the ears of those signing up for the 'Motor Cycling' recruitment scheme.

It's clear that some officers were missing being paid to ride horses.

Re: The Status of Despatch Riders

It is surprising that in an age when the radio was not entirely reliable (or secure) and when telegraph lines could easily be cut by shelling etc. that more attention was not given to the D.R. message service where the buck eventually stopped Perhaps such blindness to the importance of communications and an over reliance on 'new' technology contributed to our rather poor performance prior to Dunkirk...and possibly after.
Of course it is possible that a staggering 50% shortfall in operating efficiency was compensated for by having 50% more DRs than were actually required!....Ian

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Re: The Status of Despatch Riders

in my unit the don rs or squaddies who could ride motorcycles were looked on as better than the squaddie who could drive a lorry if you had a letter to deliver it you would use a 3 ton lorry if you bow and scrape maybe you could use a landrover to use a motorcycle well boot licking would be the first step to using one of the unit valueable machines

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