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How is the health of TDS?

I was reading through this issue and thought about all the changes the world of myth has gone over the years. Then my mind popped on TDS (Terry D. Scheerer), and wondered how was he doing. I went over to horrotica and read his introduction, but he did not mention his health? Just wondering, and info would be great!

TJ <----In honor of TDS

Re: How is the health of TDS?

Hey TJ,

Thanks for asking about my health. I am still undergoing treatment for my cancer, but at least it seems the treatments are finally working. I don't feel much better, but the lab work seems to indicate the cancer is shriking, so that's good news. I have also been having problems with my diabetes--apparently for the past few months but did not realize it--so that has made me very weak and unable to function as I would wish to.

However, I do feel some better than I did several months ago, so that is something to be pleased with. The new issue of Horrotica should post later this week, so stop by and look that over when you can.

Thanks again for asking after me. Take care and Happy New Year to everyone!