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New Look

I love the new look, which is saying a lot because I thought the "old look" was great! Some of the words are pale and don't STAND out when you look at them, but it fits the motif, I think. I'm happy (like you wouldn't believe) to have a story here, and I think "Mine" and "Dead Glow" rock as horror stories! "In the Heartland" takes is done with surgical finise, and "Good News for Writing and Submitting" is not only hilarious... it hurts (because I've done every one of those tabboos and am still doing it in this posted message). "Ayot Nom" looks awesome with political intrigue and action/adventure as only a Samarai sword can deliver. Is there anything bad about "TWoM?" Other than this long post I just wrote, NO!! This place ROCKS!! ROCK ON!!

Re: New Look

Thanks for the positive feedback John. Comments such as yours reminds our staff why we work so hard to publish the best online magazine possible. TWoM is now better than ever and it is unlikely that this will be the last improvement you will see.

I hope your enthusiasm is contagious to both present and future readers.

Steve Bolin
Editor in Chief

Re: New Look

Thanks for the compliments, John! I agree, the design rocks!

KNOW IT is fantastic. Very entertaining story, I hope to see more stuff from you around here.