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M67 Recoilless Rifle

I came across an image of a Digger carrying an M67 Recoiless Rifle in Vietnam. Unfortunately I can't direct link it but its amongst these images on 7 RARs website:


How often were these used in the field and were they issued at Platoon level? I know the US Army had a separate Weapons Platoon that was usually integrated into other Platoons but I'm not sure about Australian military doctrine?


Re: M67 Recoilless Rifle

G'day Zammo,
5RAR didn't have the M67 issued as part of our weapon inventory. We did have the 106mm Recoiless Rifles issued. An excellent article on the weapons we carried during our first deployment 1966 -'67 written by our Armourer Mick Henys can be found here: https://www.5rar.asn.au/narrative/memoirs.htm
Cheers. Ted.