Now you can send Lindamichellebaron's poetry and the beautiful
graphics from her site as internet greeting cards. This free service
is brought to you from Lindamichellebaron's World of Rhythm and
Rhyme and is part of her mission to spread the joy of poetry,
literacy and art.

Step by step you will be shown how to create a card. When it is
finished, you can preview it and decide if any changes are needed.
If you are happy with it, hit SEND and your friend will receive
notification by e-mail that there is a card waiting to be picked up.

This service will be expanded in the coming months, so be sure to
drop by and preview new poems and images.

Image Selection
Text Input
Other Options
Preview and Send
Select the image for your Greeting Card from the scrollbox at right and preview your image below.
Click the image to select it for your card.


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