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What is a trade barrier _ Trade barriers and tarif


[ ] in International Trade , the influence and restrict the means and the free movement of goods measure, called trade barriers or barriers. Such barriers can be divided into two kinds of tariff and non-tariff barriers. The so-called tariff barriers, is the import and export commodities through the customs territory of a country when the government of a customs tariff trade barriers formed by importers and exporters to set up. According to the purpose to divide tariffs, duties, there are two: First, fiscal duties, its main purpose is to increase state revenue; Second, protective tariffs, its main purpose is to protect the country's economic development and levied on foreign goods imported high the amount of the tariff. The higher tariff protection, the greater the protective effect, even effectively banning imports. Non-tariff barriers, refers to all measures to restrict imports except tariff trade barriers formed, can be divided into direct and indirect restrictions limiting categories. Directly limit refers to the importing countries to take certain measures to directly limit the number or the amount of imported goods, such as import quotas, import licensing system, foreign exchange controls, import minimum price and so on. Indirect indirectly limited by restrictions on the import of goods to formulate strict regulations,rubber band wristbands, rules and other commodity imports, such as discriminatory government procurement policies, demanding technical standards, health and safety regulations, inspection and packaging, labeling requirements and various other mandatory technical regulations.

What is the technical barriers to trade?

technical barriers to trade based on national or regional technical regulations, protocols, standards and certification systems (conformity assessment procedures) and other forms, involving The wide, starting from the technical aspects of the index system of science and technology, health, quarantine, safety, environmental protection, product quality and certification, applied International Trade which, showing a flexible, numerous provisions, as such a large number of barriers to technology emerged, so often put legal cloak to become current International Trade is the most subtle, the most difficult to deal with non-tariff barriers.

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