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[transfer] can read this story - you can when the

The first set

a rabbit to write articles in front of the cave. A wolf comes, ask: " rabbit ah, what are you doing? "

rabbit answer: " write. "

the wolf ask: " what problem? "

rabbit answer: " "of what is eaten by a wolf rabbit". "

the wolf laugh, do not believe that, then the rabbit led the wolf into the cave.

after a while, the rabbit out of the cave alone, to continue to write articles.

a wild boar came over, ask: " what rabbit you write? "

A: " write. "

Q: " what is the problem? "

A: " "talking about how rabbits eat wild boar". "

wild boar not letter, then the same thing happened.

finally, in the cave, a lion in a pile of bones, the satisfaction of picking his teeth read the rabbit to ceintures burberry it --

Title: "the staff ability, the key to see who your boss is"

thoughts on:

in fact many paid employee effort and size of platform is a relationship, the same pay on the platform's value is different. So there are the words: than to choose! The problem is many people choose not to, or even the wrong choice. When choosing the wrong time, more efforts in vain. Therefore, in order to choose correctly, you need to know your platform and boss of the background, which directly determines the quality of your support.

[story second]

the rabbit accidentally told the story to his friend, so the news spread gradually in the forest.

lions know very angry, he told the rabbit: " if the hole this sac gucci femme week without food, I will eat you. "

so he continued to write articles in the hole

a deer came, " rabbit, what are you doing? "

" write. "

" what problem? "

"talking about how rabbits eat wolves.". "

" ha ha, this whole thing forest know ah, you don't mess with me, I'm not into the hole. "

" I'll have to retire, said the lion looking for someone to replace me, don't you want to write this article rabbit into the deer? Don't you want to be a sac bottega veneta forest;

Re: [transfer] can read this story - you can when the

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